Toolbar Question

I use mp3 tag quite a lot and think it's a great tool...but I did something stupid and can't quite figure out how to undo it. My toolbar has become detatched and is floating as a separate entity. I'm sure this is a quick keystroke or menu option but I can't seem to dock it again where it was. Any ideas?

Just grab the upper bar with you left mouse-tab and drag the tool-bar to the position .

And after that you can go to File and choose "Save Configuration" option, to export your settings

So he next time in a situation like that you can quickly restore things the way they were

The default Mp3tag user interface is really several "window panes" joined onto the file list.
The panes include the tag panel, filter, and tool bar.
They can be re-arranged within a large window or split into separate windows.
If they are connected to the file list, they can be moved or separated by clicking their left frame and dragging.

I should have also included that I'm on a mac so I've been using it through the "wine" program. That might make it more difficult. When I started it was docked, I did something to undock it and can't get it back to docked. I dragged it around everywhere but it just sits unlocked where I put it instead of docked underneath (or over the top - I can't remember how it was) the File/Edit/View etc. etc. I like them all in one window if I can find a way to put it back.

Thanks for the assistance so far.

Let me try:

Click and hold the floating toolbar in the window title - the window frame should be a thick one.
Drag the window to a position close to the menu "File" - the frame should become a thin one.
Release the mouse button.
The toolbar should now be locked to the main MP3tag window beneath the menu bar.
If the toolbar does not quite align with the left side of the window, click into a section between one of the buttons and drag the toolbar to the new position.

That kind of works as a little fix but what I was hoping is that it would exapand and nestle in between the File and the rest of the tagging. To do it the way you suggest works but then it covers the Title and the top tracks...

Does that make sense?

It does not dock, I assume from that.

What about this delicate movement: Grab the toolbar and drag it until the point of the mouse cursor points at the "l" of "File" in the menu. Now release it.

Alternatively, you could look for the mp3tag.cfg file and delete it. This whould restore MP3tag to the initial settings (which also means that all history logs of filters and other input is lost).