Tools: Album Art Downloader

I want to set the path parameter for AAD that will preserve the existing extension. In f2k I'm using: /p "C:\Users\Cristov\Music\Artist Art'%'artist'%'.'%'extension'%'"

What should I use in mp3Tag to ahieve a similar result? Right now I have:

/p "C:\Users\Cristov\Music\Artist Art\\%artist%.%_extension%"

This won't work as the extension of the audio file is being passed to AAD instead of it just using the existing extension.


Why do you pass on the extension anyway? And shouldn't this be the extension of the picture file?
If you have a careful look at the aad-syntax it is %extension% whereas the Mp3tag internal variable is %_extension% with an underscore.
So right now you pass the contents of the MP3tag variable to the command line but what you want is the literal string '%extension%'
Have you tried your solution from f2k?

It seems to need to know what extension should be used when saving the file.

I have looked at this and tried the f2k syntax does not work which is why I'm asking for help. The issue seems to be with escaping some of the characters. %extension% should work but it's not being passed to AAD.

I just tried to get a cmdline across:

cmd /c echo %artist% '%artist%' > kkk.txt

produces the output
Dennis %artist%
(as the Artist has Dennis as contents)

So: '%extension%' should do the trick.