Tools and Tools and more Tools

The is this configurable feature available at

Tools > Options > Tools

I remember years ago, that this double usage of Tools was confusing for me. And confusion is counterproductive. So I just do not understand why there is such repetition

Thus I propose changing that second Tools to something else. My propositions are:

  • CTRL Shorcuts
  • Additional Tools
  • Stunts
  • User's Aides
  • User's Shorcuts
  • User's Tools
  • User's Utensils

And then also that third usage of Tools, sitting just right above the list containing of them, I propose changing by adding to [whatever name will be chosen] List at its end

A language problem.
In German, it's Extras>Options>Tools (or actually Extras>Optionen>Tools)

Changing first Tools to something also would alleviate issues with doubled naming

Or at least taking Options out from first Tools and making them a separate drop down menu- but that would still lead to mistaking one Tools for the others

Honestly, if you have such problems with the term "Tools", then you could change that in the language file.
Look for
and change the following string.
(although I know that messing around with the language file is not recommended).