Tools maximized / multiplied

Right now, in
File > Options > Tools
I have some programs; for example Spek

So in order for it to work I have

Name: Spek
Path: C:\Program Files\Spek\spek.exe
Parameter: "%_PATH%"

And it works: I press CTRL + number and the Spek opens with the selected file loaded into it

But is it possible to tell somehow Spek via Mp3tag, to open in maximized mode [window]? Spek itself doesn't have option / configuration, but it can be maximed manually- which must be done each time, because it doesn't remember it. Could the Mp3tag PARAMETER be somehow modified to do that for me? Or alternatively: is there a way in Windows 7 to tell it, to always open particular piece of software maximized?

And the second issue: selecting more than one file, and sending in to Spek [or for example to Sound Forge editor], doesn't open multiple windows [or different projects in one instance in case of Sound Forge]. Could the PARAMETER somehow be modified to tell it to loop the command for all the selected files [and not stop after doing it for the first one]? As it is possible to open multiple instances of Speak, but manually one by one- can Mp3tag somehow do this all at once, each one for a different file?

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If you start an application with a link instead of the actual exe, you can set it in the properties of that link how the application should start.

You have to enable "for all selected files".


Properties > Shortcut > Run > Maximized

That does the trick. But only if I actually click the shortcut- then the Spek is opened maximized

But even if I created such shortcut and then move it from the folder with the EXE, when I choose in Mp3tag that particular LNK file in PATH, that path comes out as the path of the EXE, just as if I have chosen the original EXE and not the LNK. The shortcut file is simply omitted by Mp3tag before it is even executed

So I think that only somekind of instruction for all of the OS would actually do the trick to the end

Or eventually maybe a BAT file, with the same / similar instruction for the EXE as it is used in LNK?

[I've also tried this in FreeCommander. The difference is that FC shows path specifically to the LNK file; and then even opens the Spek with it in maximized window- but empty, with no data loaded]

[It's official: I'm blind; or just plain stupid]

Yes, this works

This will speed up my work and make it more accurate

Thank you very much

Try something in analogy to this:
CMD.EXE /C START /MAX notepad.exe


START /MAX notepad.exe
opens Notepad maximized, when putted and executed in the command line

But how do I go from

A] command line
B] Notepad
C] opening software


A] Mp3tag / FreeCommander
B] Spek
C] opening particular file

A: I write down a path to BAT?
B: I get >>Windows cannot find "spek.exe<<
C: ?

Whole process has to be done with shortcuts or from some menu. It is suppose to save me time, by getting rid of unnecessary clicking [when maximizing] and make work more proficient [by maximizing the view]. [For now I've only boost my speed and efficiency by making it possible to open multiple files at once in Mp3tag]

You have to define a "Mp3tag Tools" item, see attached picture as an example.


'/Q/D/U/C START "SPEK" /MAX "S:\SPEK\SPEK.EXE" "'%_path%'"'


I have

'/Q/D/U/C START "SPEK" /MAX "C:\Program Files\Spek\spek.exe" "'%_PATH%'"'as PARAMETER

After executing it spits out

Could that have something to do with the fact, that Spek was not registered, but just runs without installation? I removed the parameters one by one, leaving at the end only START - and then it says

It looks as if you need a pair of glasses or a good night's sleep.

Maybe the location of the CMD.EXE and the install path of SPEK.EXE depends on your Windows version.


Yes I do

When I'm in command line and write down

START /MAX C:\Spek\spek.exeit opens Spek maximized

If I put as PARAMETER in Tools

START /MAX C:\Spek\spek.exeI get only a window with error saying

Unknown option 'MAX'
generated by Spek

If I put as PARAMETER in Tools

'START /MAX C:\Spek\spek.exe'I get only a window with error saying

Unknown option 'MAX'
generated by Spek

If I put as PARAMETER in Tools

'START "SPEK" /MAX "C:\SPEK\SPEK.EXE" "'%_path%'"'I get only a window with error saying

Unexpected parameter 'SPEK'
generated by Spek

If I put as PARAMETER in Tools

'/Q/D/U/C START "SPEK" /MAX "C:\SPEK\SPEK.EXE" "'%_path%'"'I get only a window with error saying

Unknown option 'Q'
generated by Spek

Good message, so it works.

I am still on Win XP and I don't know if there are changes on newer windows systems, ...
please verify ... the correct path to the cmd.exe.

Note: The Mp3tag tool definition has to invoke CMD.EXE, which in turn starts SPEK.EXE.
See example picture above in post #7.



On Windows 7 x64

Just another thing that I've missed

So now I have

Path: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe
Parameter: 'START /MAX C:\Spek\spek.exe'and it opens selected file in the Spek, but still not in maximized window

If I change PARAMETER to

'/Q/D/U/C START /MAX C:\Spek\spek.exe'or
'/Q/D/U/C START "SPEK" /MAX C:\Spek\spek.exe'then the Spek is open maximized but empty [with no loaded file]

Yes, because you left out the %_path% that DetelvD mentioned in post #7.
The code you offer does not mention a file so how should spek know?

So now I have

Path: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe
Parameter: '/Q/D/U/C START "SPEK" /MAX "C:\Program Files\Spek\spek.exe" "'%_PATH%'"'and my files are at last loaded in maximized window of Spek. This will save me a lot of clicking

Thank you very much

Now I can go to sleep and maybe after a weekends rest I'll start using all of my brain

Unfortunately, there is some issue with that Option when running it for Audacity: /t/17932/1

So it works in general but it does not work with audacity?
And so MP3tag has to be changed? I find that a rather risky logic.

Edit: Added:

I found this about audacity command line parameters:

So perhaps you can only treat one file at a time or you have to run an export that creates the full list of filenames...

Had the same problem with Spek on THIS POST

But I found a much more advanced Spectrum Anaylser which can display (Spectrogram, Melodic Range Spectrogram, Peak Frequency Spectrogram, waveforms and so on)

It also plays files too and very customisable!!

Read my post here to find out more: In Tools run a shortcut

Sonic Visualiser website here:

So I'm not the only one who indulges himself in such tasks. What a relief

I think I've already checked it out at the time when I started to use spectrograms [or it was some other piece of software]. And deemed it not right for my purposes because I could not make the spectrogram the deafault view and / or without a zoom [with the whole track seen after loading]

Does this Spectrum Anaylser allow for such behavior: that files send from Mp3tag will be opened without additional steps as spectrograms and will show the entire track?

You can if you install the template in this LINK.

Just follow the instructions there.

Please check the link, because it's broken