Предпросмотр в окне "список результатов поиска .. "

New opportunities.
Is it possible in the next release mp3tag to add the following features:

In the windows "list of search results" to make a "review" is not on the button "View" - when the page opens in a separate browser window, and + make the preview in the window (see screenshot), click on the "View" you can leave because some may need to open the score and in the browser window.

The location of the preview window to make customizable.
would also like to in your program you can configure the display of columns (columns) (which columns to display, auto-fit column width, etc.) that appear in the "search results" (see screenshot):

as such it can be done to display the columns (columns) in the main window.

i'm not the programmer of Mp3tag, but i answere here just from what I'm thinking:

for your first wish:
that would mean to build in a fully functional web brower in mp3tag. I think that's a bit over the top.

for your second wish:
This is a screenshot from my script with "Standard Search", right?
That script, with the searchword "Ravermeister" opens exactly this page: http://www.discogs.com/search?type=all&amp...p;type=releases
It can only display things which are displayed there.

Well, let the columns to be displayed in the "search results" can be customized in the program for your modified search (discogs.com), and for a standard search (standard script) of discogs.com, the built-in default.