Total Beginner how to save

I just downloaded MP3TAG open an MP3 audio book which didn't have all the chapter titles. I renamed all the chapters to the correct title. Now how do I save my work?
Sorry I didn't read all the directions before I started I expected a Save choice in the

... yes?
See the help:

Thank you so much for answering so quickly! I did read the getting started. My knowledge is less than the getting started.

I assume that metadata means the column on the left with Title, Album, and so on. What is the difference between Title (which is the book) and Album?

Do I need to type everything in this "metadata" column or if I save it without entering will it keep the original metadata? What happens if I choose blank or keep?

The list on the left is the tag panel.
The bigger part of the MP3tag Window shows the files list.
The tag panel is best for data that is the same for several tracks.

As an example: if you have "Moby Dick" by Herman Melville, read by William Hootkins, I would fill the tag fields as follows:

So: load all the files from the audio book.
Select them all (E.g. with Ctrl-A).

Now enter in the tag panel:
ALBUMARTIST: Herman Melville
ARTIST: William Hootkins
ALBUM: Moby Dick
YEAR: 2004
GENRE: Audiobook

Now press Ctrl-S or the "disk" symbol in the toolbar. This should write the data to the files - you will see that the files list now shows more data
I hope, that the files are already in the correct order.
Now you turn to Tools>Track Numbering Wizard and fill with that function the track numbers.

Then in the files list click on a table cell in the column TITLE and enter the chapter name. As soon as you leave that cell, the data is saved, no need to press Ctrl-S.
Continue until all files have the correct data.

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ALBUM ist sort of that what you read on the cover of a book (CD, vinyl), TITLE is the individual chapter or single track, that what has a number when you play the medium.

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