total commander plugin v0.98

i use total commander v. 7.02 with vdx_anytag v 0.98 mostly to display year of the songs.

it works great except for some mp3 files (300 of more then 10000) that doesn't display anything.

the tag was written using mp3tag both id3v1 that id3v2 for all the mp3 i have...... but for those particalar file the year and some other tag field, they displayed nothing at all.

i can send an example of the file by mail if needed... (the attachment is too big to upload here)

Yeah, just send me one of the files via email.

The tags are displayed fine for me (although tag contents differ from APEv2 to ID3v2).

Please not that anytag.wdx prioritises APEv2 tags over ID3v2 tags. So if you don't use APEv2, just remove them with Mp3tag.


Would it be possible to add a possibility for displaying some shell info? For example, MediaInfo, mp3infp, Audioshell etc. add some shell details that I would like to display together with the other info shown by your plugins (especially wlx_anytag).

You may look at for other Total Commander plugins which you can apply additionally.


That's true, but most of these plugins are wdx. I really like the way wlx_anytag displays the songs info (by Ctrl+Q) and flexibility of configuring of the output. The (almost) only thing that I miss is possibility to display the type/version of encoder. As I said, this information could be obtained from other wdx_plugins or from Windows shell details. I would like to have them in the wlx_anytag output, though.