%_total_files% behavior changed after V2.91, noticed in V2.95 and 2.96


I have some export reports that run correctly with MP3Tag v2.91 and earlier, but are not correct in V2.95 and V2.96.

When %_total_files% is used inside a loop, a different value is returned under V2.95 and V2.96 than was returned under V2.91 and earlier. I have attached a code snippet and brief samples to illustrate this difference.

Please review the attached at your convenience and advise.


MikeMP3Tag_Submitted.zip (1.6 KB)

I won't comment on the different results, based on Mp3tag version. That may indicate a bug.
But maybe the attached script does what you want.
Repaired-07042019.Test.max_counter.mte (391 Bytes)

Thanks for reporting! I've fixed it with Mp3tag v2.96b.

Excellent, thank you very much!

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