Total Number of Discs

I typically order my mp3's using the structure: D:\Music{ARTIST} \ {DATE} {ALBUM}\

I use actions to reformat any files into this structure, but sometimes, of course, the albums are sorted into discs. I currently import a file with the number of discs for the current album, but would like a way to do this without user input.

The structure of any albums spanning multiple discs is D:\Music{ARTIST} \ { DATE} {ALBUM}\Disc ##

I've tried various methods, but I have not found a way to extract the total number of discs based on the folder structure. Can anyone provide guidance?


Try the track numbering wizard (Options menu)

I took a look, and that still seems to require user input, unless I'm missing a way to incorporate the wizard into an Actions group.

Yes. This is so. It requires user input.
MP3tag does not know anything about albums but looks only at the current file. The only way around it is the wizard.

Would it be possible to use the Export and Loop functions so that it writes only the "greatest" disc number to a file?

Perhaps this thread helps:

I'd like a solution that doesn't require any intervention on my part, and while this script seems to work, it would require me to repeatedly delete the export file. I currently have a text file that I update with the total discs, and import that during the standard cleanup actions script I created. Half-dozen of one; six of the other.