Total Tracks and Total Discs in Vorbis Comments and APEv2

Say, for example track number is 1, total tracks is 2, disc number is 1 and total discs is 2. So in Mp3tag interface i fill Track as 1/2 and Discnumber as 1/2.
Mp3tag writes this into Vorbis comments as TRACKNUMBER=1/2 and DISCNUMBER=1/2
and into APEv2 as TRACK 1/2 and DISCNUMBER 1/2
I know here is no real strict standard for mapping in Vorbis comments and APEv2 but at least there is page on wiki - Tag Mapping - Hydrogenaudio Knowledgebase
And according to it, tags in this case preferably should be written into Vorbis comments as TRACKNUMBER=1, TRACKTOTAL=2, DISCNUMBER=1, DISCTOTAL=2 (this is also recommendation from - Field names - XiphWiki)
and into APEv2 as Track 1/2 and Disc 1/2
Of course i can manually create and fill fields, but is not very convenient.
So, what was the reason not to use recommendations from in Mp3tag?
Can behavior be changed to follow recommendations from If change of default behavior doesn't seem as good idea, may be at least it is worth to add some option. Something like "Use HA suggested tags mapping for Total Tracks and Total Discs for Vorbis comments and APEv2 instead of native Mp3tag mapping"

Also, have a look at this thread: