Total Tracks Correlation?

I'm working on converting a collection that has a lot of partial albums/directories. It would be great if MP3tag could correlate the "14/14" track number to the quantity of files - in order to make sure all are present or not. Or MP3tag could detect gaps in the track sequence?

Some sort of warning that "Not all tracks present" would be good to have in this effort.

And yes, I understand that the results would be imperfect, and really only applicable to the doubled-up track listing probably - unless the program reached out to a DB.

I think MP3tag is a terrific tool, and I would not be making the effort on these collections without it. Thanks!

So far Mp3tag cannot do anything like it as MP3tag does not know anything about albums.
It does not know what the previous file had as data and what the next will have.

What you can do, though:
Copy the original data from TRACK to a user-defined field, e.g. MYTRACK
Run the track numbering assistant to set an ascending order of numbers into TRACK.
Now use a filter like
"$if($eql(%track%,%mytrack%),1,0)" IS 1
and you will find all the files where due to a gap the 2 numbers don't match any more.
Although, admittedly, this method has its limitations if the last file is missing.