TOTALDISCS tag not working

In prior versions of this software I was able to use the tag %TOTALDISCS% to populate the total number of discs for an album. I have this tag added, as I did previously, to both the tag panel and the columns. They work correctly within the software as if I put the value in either one it places it in the corresponding field in the other location. When I save the tag information, it does not save it to the actual file.
I've tried it with the [] as well as leaving the % off and it does not change the tag being saved.

See this thread on a discussion on totaldisc:

What file types are we talking about?
Did you have a mapping before?
Also, see the help on supported standard fields:

Thanks for the link, I had looked at that before as well.
It is with MP3 and M4A File types.
I know that these are extended tags and as such I have to go in and add them to MP3Tag as fields. My thinking was that as it previously worked and then I updated MP3Tag that perhaps the TAG Name information had changed so I was trying to figure out the TAG that it should be.
I have had the TAG for sometime now and it worked fine in previous versions of the software.
I decided to look into this more on my end as well. I went to my desktop that has an older version of MP3Tag on it. The tag functions like it should and the metadata is saved to the file. As it was working as expected, I exported those settings out to a file and imported them into the latest version that is installed on my laptop. (When I say it is working it is like me going and opening the properties of the file using Windows Explorer and then modifying the tag on the details tab.)

So this is what I see happening with the latest released build of MP3Tag:

  • If the TOTALDISCS metadata exists in the file before it is opened in MP3Tag (say it was added via iTunes previously) then the TOTALDISCS field is populated.
  • If the TOTALDISCS metadata is null then the value is blank.
  • If I modify the value and then save it, this modification or addition of the metadata is not modified or saved within the file.
  • Both the panel and grid are working the same way.
  • If I open a file that I modified the metadata on my desktop on my laptop then the metadata I see for DISC is in FLAC format 1/1 instead of seeing it stored in the separate fields within MP3Tag. This same file opened in iTunes the metadata appears in the sperate fields within iTunes song info. I did not go into the actual properties of the file using Windows Explorer to see how it is stored there.

Also, I've noticed some strange behavior when it comes to the TOTALTRACKS metadata in the latest build of MP3Tag as well. For some reason it also does not behave the same way as previously. If the Track is null then the TOTALTRACKS will not be modified within the file's metadata. I used to be able to put total track numbers in and this would be saved even if I didn't know the track number. If I go back to the older build on my desktop it still behaves this way.
As I know that sometimes we say it is another software that is doing this both computers are running the same version of iTunes and Windows Media Player. I'm not sure what the difference is between the MP3Tag versions but one seems to handle writing these extended metadata correctly and the latest version seems to have a few issues with it.
I hope this explains what I am seeing/experiencing more clearly. It isn't something I am trying to setup but something that I had previously done and it was working fine in the previous version of MP3Tag.

During an update MP3tag usually leaves user-settings as they are.
And it does not really make sense that one particular field should be treated specially - unless you have used special settings.
So it would be nice to see any kind of mapping,
the column definition for the user-defined field for the total disc number field

Please note that different programs show this information in different ways. MP3tag shows it usually in the format x/y in the field DISCNUMBER.
If you insist on a separate, user-defined field, then you have to take care that it gets filled with an action or something like that.

I'm not sure if I really grasp the question from the posts above. However, there is a difference in the storage of TOTALTRACKS and TOTALDISCS between MP3 with ID3v2 and MP4.

When tagged via iTunes, an MP3 file has a track number TRACK in the form of TRACKNUMBER/TOTALTRACKS and a disc number DISCNUMBER in the form DISCNUMBER/TOTALDISCS. This is how the information is actually stored in the tag frames (the internal tag data). There is no automatic splitting of the totals to their respective fields upon saving the tags.

With MP4, the data is stored in a binary field and is split to TRACK and TOTALTRACKS and DISCNUMBER and TOTALDISCS respectively. This also happens if you enter TRACKNUMBER/TOTALTRACKS to the TRACK field or DISCNUMBER/TOTALDISCS to the DISCNUMBER field.

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