Track/Artist information by disc number

Hello everyone..

I am here today because im trying to find out how to make my MP3 files into a cue file, and have the disc number (from freedb) included.. because that number is what my xbox 360 recongizes and then automatically auto-tags all the artist/track information.

how do i get the disc number on to my mp3s.. then save that as a .cue?

thanks for your help, i love this program

AFAIK is a cue-file nothing but a textfile that shows the boundaries of the sections in a long audio file.
This means that cannot convert mp3s into a cue-file.
What I do not understand: why do you use mp3s (which is a lossy format) as a source to create flac files (which is not lossy but naturally will not contain more/better information than the lossy source).

A Windows tutorial (and Wikipedia) say that external audio players are supported that can be added to the dashboard (?!).
So perhaps this way is better than relying on the built-in features of the xbox.