Track Down Albums Where Not All Tracks/Files Have The Same Year


I recently started using MP3Tag (v2.43, the latest one I hope) in conjunction with iTunes. (Because all my music/files is/are linked to iTunes, switching wasn't really an option, but only editing tags with MP3Tag and then updating the files in iTunes works great.) It's a really amazing and enjoyable program to manage my continuously growing library.

Now I have stumbled upon a new problem. It seems that in the two thousand albums I currently have, some albums have tracks/files with different YEAR tags. Now mostly these are compilation albums where it isn't such a big deal, but I have noticed some regular albums with tracks that had different year-tags as well.

Manually tracking down these few albums on the whole bunch would be very time consuming. So I was wondering if there was a way to automatically check if all tracks/files with the same album tag also have the same year tag. Then I would want to have a list of all those albums that have files with different year-tags. Or I would like for all those files to be marked with a comment in the comment tag or something, so that eventually I would have to only check these albums. That would save me a lot of time and also make tracking down these albums much easier.

So, for example I have:

Ex.1. An Album "Jackie Cane" by the Artist: "Hooverphonic" and all tracks/files have the "2002" Year tag. So this albums is okay.
Ex.2. But I have another Album "More Sweet Music" also by the Artist "Hooverphonic" where all tracks/files except one have the correct "2005" Year tag. One track/file has the wrong "2004" Year tag.
Ex.3. Another Album "President Of The LSD Golf Club" has 10 tracks/files where 3 have the correct "2007" Year tag, 4 others have the wrong "2008" Year tag and the last 3 have also a wrong "2001" Year tag.
Ex.4. And then there's the compilation album "20th Century Hits For A New Millenium 1950-1954" where all tracks have a different year tag.

Could I now get a list of the last three albums and others that have similar faulty year tags? Or mark the tracks/files/albums in such a way I could track them down?
It just needs to exclude albums like in the first example where the year tags of all files in the album are the same and thus are correct and fine.

Any help would be appreciated.
Sorry, if this is a stupid question. I'm a newbie and I'm not that good with the scripting and RegExp and such. I tried searching the forum for a solution or other help but came up empty.

Thanks in advance for your help.

P.S. You might wonder why this is so important? This is because in iTunes I have the habbit of sorting my files on "Album By Year", but then the albums need to have one correct date otherwise it's all messed up.

P.S.2. And it would be nice if I could do the same thing for "Genre", so that all albums have the same "Genre"-tag.

There is an export script for you. It creates a simple text file containing the names of the albums with different year or genre.

Update: I removed some unnecessary code from the script, so it became 13% faster. :slight_smile:

CheckYearGenreV2.mte (747 Bytes)

I'll try it. :slight_smile:

I tried it, and it works great.

Thanks! Very much!

BTW You think this could be adapted to check if all tracks of the album are present?
As I cleaned out all the different genres and years, I noticed some had some tracks missing.
I tried to understand how this export thing works, but I did not succeed.

Anyway, Thanks again,

OMG, You have very special needs. :wink:

There's the script here. It can find missing tracks by the tracknumber. Of course, it cannot find missing last track(s), because it doesn't know, how much tracks should be there... But the script works, if you use xx/XX tracknumber format (e.g. 05/12).

For example, it works with an album containing track 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 (missing track 1 and 6).

Oh, and I updated the previous script (see above).

MissingTrack.mte (505 Bytes)

Yeah, but all my needs have been fulfilled now. :smiley:
Like I said, I'm cleaning out my library. Now, after I put everything in one place in my iTunes library.
Thanks for the updated previous script and the new one. :slight_smile:
I'll try them soon.