Track Filename Conversion



I've got a little problem with MP3TAG v2.38

I would like to have a track filename like: Artist - Title (Feat.).mp3
Problem is that my track filename is like that: Artist - Title Feat."leading space".mp3 and without the () "Parenthèse??" aren't present at the beginning and at the end of the Featuring...ggrr :angry:

After reading the FAQ and trying by myself i didn't succed yet...

There my "New Action":

Action type: Replace with regular expressions


Regular expression: ^Feat.\s+$

Replace matches with: (Feat.($1))

And is there a FAQ that explain every % $ \s $num ,etc... signification step by step in order to do learn and do a personnalized script?

Thanks a lot for your help & sorry for my poor english i did my best :wink:


One solution could be:

Regular Expression: (Feat.)(.*)(.mp3)
Replace matches with: ($1$2)$3

I'm sure, this is not the best possible solution, but you can change it as you like. :wink:

As always: Don't try it on your original mp3. Make some backup first. :ph34r:


Thank you for your fast answer!

Regular Expression: (Feat.)(.*)(.mp3)
Replace matches with: ($1$2)$3

It works but it's a bit slow in mass rename because as the action change/replace the extension .mp3 by the same .mp3 on the filename, it seems that it's makes the operation more longer than a modification on tags only! But perhaps i'm wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

So i did that and the file file keep almost the .mp3 extension:

Regular Expression: (Feat.)(.+)[^mp3]
Replace matches with: ($1$2).

But it strange because i was forced to keep the dot in the "replace matches line" because if not the action delete the last character or number before *.mp3 and don't include it in the parenthese

Do somebody help me to resolve this? :music: