%track% in xx/XX format


I'm starting to play with the exports to see what I can do.

Is it standard that the %track% export placeholder always outputs in the format of xx/XX? Where xx is the track number and XX is the total number of tracks.

I was expecting %track% to give me just the track number, but I'm getting it in xx/XX format.


%track% will return you exactly what you enterd as "Track"-tag in the file. So if the value was "12/20" it will return "12/20". And if the value was "12" it will return 12.


Use $num(%track%,2) to get the tracks before '/'


I thought that might be how it is. Unfortunately it seems that all of my files are in xx/XX format. They've been ripped using several different ripping tools and all of those tools have done the track tag in the same xx/XX format.

So I can't rely on %track% giving me just the track number and not something in the xx/XX format.

I ended up using a regular expression in the export script to clean up the %track% output.


That strips away the "/" and everything to the right of it and leaves just the track number.

I have MP3Tag exporting an XML format file. Now I'll have to see what I can do with it.


need some help with $regexp...

now i have track like xx/XX

But i want all with a leading 0, like
and also if
01/08 insted of 1/8

if i use
the i will end up

Some one that knows these things?!



will do that. I only gave them a quick test. You'll want to verify they work with a variety of inputs.


Well, I do it this way:
Begin Actionsgroup Format TRACK 'nn[slash]nn'
Action #1
Actiontype 4: Replace with regular expression
Field: TRACK
Regular expression: (\d*)/(\d*)
Replace matches with: $num($1,2)/$num($2,2)

[_] case sensitive comparison

End Actionsgroup Format TRACK 'nn[slash]nn' (1 Action)



thx! great!


More that one way to skin a cat.
I was assuming he wanted to format the export output rather than changing the actual value in the tags.


but your was nice to have too! :slight_smile: