track listing reversed


Hi All
Can anyone shed some light on this problem. For no apparent reason using MP3Tag to open a folder containg a set of mp3 files that are named with the track number at the beginning of the file name, the files are listed in reverse order. So the highest number track is at the top and track 1 is at the bottom. This causes problems when I try to write Tag data to the files from FreeDB etc. If I open the folder using windows explorer the files are listed with 1 at the top of the list as you would expect.
This happened when I was tagging and renaming alot of files I had done maybe 10 folders with the files shown 1-## top to bottom as expected. Opening folder 11 and the files where suddenly displayed ##-1 in reverse order. I closed and reopened MP3Tag and returned to the same folder the files seemed to list ok 1-## then the screen blinked and the files displayed ##-1 and have stayed that way. MP3Tag now lists files in revesrse order in all folders even those which were previously ok when tagged and renamed by MP3Tag.
This has happened before and the only fix was a reinstall.
any help appreciated


You can click on the column headers to change the sorting.
Or there's "View > Sort by"


Should Have read the manual. Good job it isnt a nuclear power station.

Cheers Dano