Track location help

Hi. I have a suggestion. It has to do with the adjust tag information area. It's where the tracks listing is. A lot of times I have to manually find the number to match the sites track number location. On the left side it has numbers 1-etc. But it's empty on the right. Can't you put numbers on that side too. So I can move it easy to the right spot. Or at least highlight through both boxes so it would be easy to locate. Because most of the time suggest sorting gets it wrong. Just a suggestion. Wish Mp3tag could easily work with iTunes. I always get from iTunes to relocate song. :rolleyes:

Be aware of the functionality of the right dialog list view of names.
The order of the names in this list view can be manipulated by the user by [Alt+CursorUp] or [Alt+CursorDown] or by [Mouse drag primary click] or by buttons [Move up] or [Move down].
Therefore a "highlighted link" between both list view windows or a numbered list in the right hand target window seems not to be useful, I think so, ...
... hm, my Mp3tag does highlight the selected item in the right list window
... hm, and how could or should Mp3tag for itself know something about the relation between the items in both lists?


You can drag&drop files from itunes into MP3tag.

Also, I think there is a basic misunderstanding of what to achieve with the web sources:
the web sources dialogue shows you a list of tracks as found in the web source and also shows a list of files that you have supplied - exactly in the sequence that was there when the web source was called. If the files are out of sequence in repect to the web sources data then this is an indicator that vital data liek the track numbering is missing.
The purpose of the web source is to assign the correct data to the files.
But you have to do the alignment.
I do not see any possibility to get this done by mp3tag unless you arrange the files in the right order first and then call the web source.

I do not understand what you mean by that: the sorting order in iTunes is not correct? What dou you sort by? Is that different from the criteria in Mp3tag? or what do you mean?

Even if all informations are stored in the appropiate tags you cannot achieve the right sequence as long as you have not sorted the chosen files in MP3tag correct.

I think shadow66 means the suggested sort by the mp3tag-websource-tool if you select Utils.