Track no. and file name all together .How can i delete a whole folders track no.s all in one go

Some of my tracks have the track no. in with the filename so your not able to delete the track no. on its own. How can i delete a whole folder of track numbers only all at once as i like my tracks alphabetical and not in number order.TIA

Which tag fields are filled?
If the title field is filled, you can easily rename the file with
Format string: %title%

If there is no data in the tag fields, fill them first with
Format string: %track% %title%
and then use the function as mentioned above.
And once you have filled the tag fields, it could well be that your player sorts the files correctly already.
You can also use a regular expression in the function
Format string: $regexp(%_filename%,^\d+ ,)
But this would throw away data that might be difficult to get back again.

The filename section reads as follows
001.Artist - Title.Mp3 and is the same format for every track after that etc the next 002.Artist - Title.MP3 and so on
The path is c:/etc
The tag is id3v2.3 etc
Title, Album and Artist are not filled .

I want to get rid of just the track numbers all at once if I can

Do filename to tag
%track%.%artist% - %title%

To fill in the tags artist and title in mp3tag

Then do Tag - Filename

%artiist% - %Title%

I am not sure what you mean how do you do that , i tested it on one track and its now put in the artist colum which was previous blank.

I doubt that you used

So please show us a real life example and the really used format string. To import data every space character and dot has to in the exact position in the pattern as in the source.
But as the function "Convert>Filename-Tag" has a preview, it should be easy to find the correct pattern.

In pictures...

Wrong String as seen in preview

Right String

Then you


Hope that makes sense

As you can see from no.s 4 and 9 i tried and ended up making a mess of it lol.

Another option would be to use an app like "Bulk Rename Utility"
The feature you need is "Remove" where you can set "First n" to how many chars it removes from your filenames.

Just downloaded it and it wont open the folder dont know why lol not having much lick

Sorted the program and it works great result thanks for you help and patience.

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