Track Number: 1->01, 2->02, 3->03, etc.

Is there a way for mp3tag to automatically change the track # from

song 1 to song 01
song 2 to song 02

basically i want my files tagged with a "zero" for tracks 1 to 9.

right now i have been manually adding the zero for some albums that come without the zero padding.

can mp3tag do it automatically?
pls help...if it is possible.

thank you.

oh nvm...i got it...ive to use the action thingy...
damn i shld have come here earlier :slight_smile:


What I do is select all, then press alt+1, then I have this written in:
$num(%track%,2) and also title.

It's such a powerful program huh - I love it.

Oh nvm, I just realised the then-nonsensical 2nd post was you again