Track Number based on Year, but 3 digits

Action help request:
When I have a compilation of songs, sometimes I make the track numbers based on the year, but only 3 digits, dropping the "hundreds" place. So:

If Year = 1983 then Track = 183
If Year = 2019 then Track = 219

(This method will be good for the past hundred years, and the next. Then I gotta come up with something else, haha.)

Use an action of the type "Format value" for TRACK
Format string: $regexp(%year%,(\d).(\d\d),$1$2)

I'm just curious.
How do you create the track number for 2101?
How do you undo such a track number?
And how do you distinguish between 2001 and 2101?

Yeah, I got a little time to figure that out. I might just jump to the '3s and postpone my decision for two hundred years. So 2101 = 301. haha.

And it works great! Thank you!!!