Track Number Digits


Is there any standardized way to tag track numbers? I am using the single digits for it like "5/9" or "4/11" but in some cases 11th track comes right after the first one, which sucks. Is this the software's problem or I am doing wrong?

Where do you see

In MP3tag?
Check the column definition and see whether you have ticked "numeric"

No, not in MP3Tag. And I can not say where for certain, I am just seeing it place to place.

You could try it with "04/11" - with a leading zero.

If some players sort the track numbers correctly and others don't, then I would assume it is a question of the implementation on that player - about which MP3tag can hardly do anything.
Depending on the file format you could try to add leading zeros.

That is my intention at this point, but wanted to ask to be certain.

As I said: some file formats like MP4 do not support leading zeros - so that cannot be the real trigger.

To add leading zeros, see e.g. the track numbering wizard (Ctrl-K)

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