Track Number Format in Filenames • Combined Format String?

I always renumber the Track Tag of albums-title to contain a leading zero. Once done, I apply variations of these two basic Tag-Filename Format String to rename the files:

%track%. %title% (single-disc albums)


%discnumber%-%track%. %title% (multi-disc albums)

My question is this: How does one combine these two format strings into one action, or similar? At the moment, I apply first the one, and then the other Format String. Is there a shortcut, which can do all simultaneously?

Thank you.

You could try

[%discnumber%-]%track%. %title% (multi-disc albums)

Thank you Ohrenkino, I am going to do it.

Just to learn: Does the square bracket around %discnumber% mean that it will only use the disc number if it is present in the disc number tag-- otherwise it will not and number as usual?

EDIT: OK, tried it and it worked perfectly- BIG THANKS!