Track Number Format...

Hey all, I'm new to using Mp3tag. I have been in the habit of using the following format of file name for my mp3 collection:

artist - album [track#] - title

My problem is this: I can't figure out how to surround the track title in brackets. Is there a way, or will it always just break the syntax? I only want brackets in the filename, not in the tag.

Thanks for any help!

have you used the function tag- filename?
In this wizard enter a mask that looks like this:

%artist% - %album% '['%track%']' - %title%

btw: If you want to use the filename as a storage for your tags it would be easier to retrieve that information if you didn't use the hyphen as field separator as this is very often part of a title or album name.
I use the underscore _ instead - looks almost the same and is hardly ever used in strings.

Thank you! I was trying to use the tag-filename function, but didn't realize that I needed the apostrophes to make it work.
Thanks also for the hint about the hyphen.