Track number from Filename


My filenames are in the format:-

nn title.mp3

e.g 01 Big Foot.mp3

I want nn to become the tag Track. So I think I need the following:-


When highlight the "track" Column, for a file, then click on Convert > Filename - Tag and enter the expression in the dialogue box the OK stays greyed out.

I had this before and realised that I had a duff formula but cannot see what is wrong with this formula.

Can anyone please advise?


Insert this into the "Filename -> Tag" box:
%track% %title%

The box doesn't allow any functions.


I entered %track%%title% into the box and now have the title tag completed but still the track tag is blank.

Am I doing something wrong?


A whitespace between %track% and %title% perhaps?


I thought the white space you left was for a %


I accidently missed that %. :frowning:



Thank you for your help. That job now done.