Track number issue

Hi, ive looked through the forums regarding this issue and i cant find anything. Ive used this program many times its great but i have a problem. I like to just display the track number but in some of my mp3 tages the track number is 0121 as in track 01 of 21, is there a command i can type in to get rid of the 21 and just have 01.


Note, such an action requires concentration and good judgment.

Set the Mp3tag filter to ...
"$len(%TRACK%)" IS 4

... or use a somewhat stricter filter
"$len(%TRACK%)" IS 4 AND NOT TRACK HAS "/"

Then use the Mp3tag converter "Tag - Tag":
Format string: $cutRight(%TRACK%,2)

If all values in the tag-field TRACK_TEMP look good, then copy the content from tag-field TRACK_TEMP to TRACK, afterwards remove the tag-field TRACK_TEMP.
... or ...
If all values in the tag-field TRACK_TEMP look good, then apply the cutRight function to the tag-field TRACK, afterwards remove the tag-field TRACK_TEMP.

Another method to solve this task would be ...
... use the "Autonumbering Wizard" with the proper setting.


Like you say that track comes up number 4 instead of number 1, what is a stricter command i can used to ignore the last 2 digits of the track number?


I do not understand what you say and what help you need.
Please explain it with other words and by example.


The tracks have been named 0110 - title - artist

01 is the track number and 10 is how many racks are on the album

eg 0210 is track 2 of 10 tracks

I just want the first 2 digits so its 2 - title - artist

is that possible?

when you write the filenames do not use the plain %track% but $num(%track%,2)

THANK YOU very much, that simple tag has worked great!!!!!!

You can also use the auto numbering feature (CTRL-K)

As long as each album is in it's own directory it will write new track numbers.