Track number problem when transfering to mp3player


When transfering songs that I have converted with mp3tag to my Creative Zen Sleek, the track numbers all show up as 0 on my sleek, even though they are correct on my computer. When I transfer songs that I have not converted with mp3tag to my Sleek, they show up the way it is supposed to. Does anyone else have this problem? It's driving me crazy.



Thanks, but on my mp3tag options, under tags it says mpeg. I'm guessing this is mix up and it's supposed to say mp3. I'll try what it says anyway and see if it works.


It worked! :smiley: Thanks.

Although, like I said, under Options > Tags, it says Mpeg instead of MP3.


MP3 stays for MPEG Audio Layer III (MPEG stays for Moving Pictures Experts Group). It reads "MPEG" because the same applies to MP3, MP2 and MP1.

Edit: Ah, sorry, now I understand what you mean - the help file is wrong. :slight_smile: