Track Number with Multiple CDs


this is mostly a tip request other than a support one...sorry! :w00t:

I have ripped a double CD album on the same directory as I don't want to create different dirs (like CD1, CD2 ecc)...the problem is with Track Number.
It seems like Mp3Tag writes / (Ex. 1/5 and 2/3) with no problems at all.
It is "standard"? I mean, other application will read and handle that value without problems? Is there any length limit for the track tag?

I would like to write a format action (to replace 1/1 with 01/01), where can I find tips and "Syntax and Function" reference for the language used for MTag actions?

Andrea "Rigido".


I moved this to Off-Topic since it isn't really a support query as you already said. :slight_smile:

Anyways, there is no standard mode for entering disc and track numbers. AFAIK, iTunes uses two fields for storing the data: track and disc. Other programs rely on a Disc/Track or Track/Disc mode.

For help on actions, simply have a look on the forums or in the MP3Tag help. :wink:



Thank you Sebastian, even if I don't think that this is really Off-Topic.

By the way, i found the main scripting function page and I started to think on that action.
I think that this could be a good starting point:


but how can I format the whole field? On the first run this would change my track to 01! :angry:


Hello Rigido!

As Sebastian already stated above, there is no real standard. Almost every application I'm aware of support the "Track/Disc" notation. Although two different fields like "TRACK" and "DISC" are much cleaner - but not all apps are supporting this.

To solve your leading zeros problem, simply create a new action Replace with regular expression for the field TRACK and use (\d+)/(\d+)
as regular expression and replace the matches with $num($1,2)/$num($2,2)

Best regards,
~ Florian


Thank you so much, it worked perfectly!