Track numbering & cover art


-- Track Numbering
I use foobar2000 as my music player and have been playing around with the scripting for displaying album info etc.

Florian, when using the auto-numbering wizard, would it be at all possible to add a field to store the number of tracks in the album? I don't really like the format xx/yy as this is non-standard, but would like a total tracks field added if possible.

I think foobar has a %totaltracks% or %album tracks% field (I would have to check which one is standard) that many people use in their scripts.

-- Album Covers
I plan on adding a jpeg file to every album directory (better than adding to the ID3 tag IMO) so that I can diplay this is foobar2000. Is there a way I can automate this for all albums as I have a lot to do? I really don't look forward to doing this one-by-one! :slight_smile:

-- Thanks
For such an excellent program (no I'm not ass-licking) - it really is very good! I recently found an excellent use of your 'undo' feature: I had Lyrics3 tags in my mp3 files that I couldn't find any way to remove but (after searching on the Hydrogenaudio forums) I found that I could remove all tags then use the 'undo' button to just add ID3v1&v2 back! Excellent!

P.S. I do think that Tag Type "%_tag_read%[ (%_tag%)]" should be available by default though! :slight_smile:


xx/yy is the standard. That's how it's written inside the MP3 file with ID3v2 tag. foobar2000 does the same, it only displays it differently and makes two fields out of one.

That means if you tag the file xx/yy in Mp3tag and then load in in foobar you will see Tracknumber and Totaltracks

That's not possible with Mp3tag you need other programs if you want to search for multiple albums at the same time.


Ok, thanks for your answer on point 2 - I will have a look around and see if I can find any other way of doing this before I try it manually.

For point 1, I don't necessarily agree. foobar2000 may have been written in such a way that it can determine the number of track in the album by looking at the tracknumber field, but I would much prefer to have a distinct seperate field called totaltracks to handle this. It would only really be used in my scripting and not for displaying.

All it would need is a slight change to the 'save total count of tracks' option in the auto-numbering wizard so that you have a choice of 'within tracknumber' or 'to seperate field'.


Well, you can easily convert xx/yy into two fields with Mp3tag scripting if you really need it (don't really know why you need it).
You can also access the yy value with %_total% in Mp3tag.

Here are two tools for mass cover art search:


Thanks for finding those cover art tools - I'll take a look at them...

To run a test I took an album with tracks 01, 02, 03 etc. and ran it through the wizard to turn these numbers in to 01/12, 02/12, 03/12 etc. I then created a new column and gave it the value %_total%, but nothing is being retrieved. Does that seem odd?

This isn't quite how I'd like to do it (it would be preferable for the count of songs in a directory to get added as a new field %totaltracks%) but in the end this may suffice, if I script it right.


I assume %_total% is not implemented in the columns, but it works in Export and scripting.


Okay, cheers. Btw, Album Art Aggregator is very good! Thanks.


Hi, after running some tests it seems that you are correct thta foobar does some remapping of fields.

So, if I add tracknumber = 01 and totaltracks = 12 then it will add the ID3 tag TRCK "01/12" (but shows them seperately for use in scripts etc.

Thanks for your time here Dano...