Track Numbering To Merge 2 disks into 1

I am having a bit of a problem with merging a 2 disk album to a single album.

Part of the problem is that I don't understand how various players interpret the TRACK field that I can
see in MP3TAG.

So, the first disk has 12 songs and the second has 11 songs. I selected the second disk and modified
the track numbers using the following: $add(12+%track%). It worked, but it lost the total number of
tracks. That is the track numbers went from 1/11 ------ 11/11 and became 13 -------23. Basically, the
"/" and the track total were removed.

The question is how to get back the total so that the TRACK field would show 13/23 ------23/23.

Once I know how to do this, I will fix disk 1 to have tracks 1/23 ----- 12/23 and then, I think I can
merge the two files into a single album with the disk numbers removed.

I am supposing that I might add text "/23" to the already correct track numbers, but I don't know
whether or not the TRACK field is textual or really numerical. (I also do not know yet how to work
with text in MP3TAG).

Wouldn't it be easiest to use the numbering wizard?
That stores the total number of selected files.
So, sort the files in such a way that they appear in the correct sequence.
Then select all files of both discs, apply the Track Numbering Wizard with option ticked to store the total number of tracks.

Thank you for the reply. I did as you suggested which did get the track number field fixed up correctly.
Then, I changed the title field to reflect the new track numbers. Finally I did a "$cutRight on the
album name to get rid of the disk numbers.

Seems to work just fine.

Thanks again --