Track numbers and disk numbers

I previously entered all my track numbers into like ex: 5/10, 1/7. Now i want to divide all my track numbers into like ex: track 05 and total tracks 10. Similarly disc number 1/2 to disc no 01 and total discs 02. How to convert in all my tags in batch mode (FLAC).

One of several possible solutions.
Define an action group with 2 actions of the type "Guess Values".

Source-Format: %track%
Guessing Pattern: $num(%Track%,2)/$num(%totaltracks%,2)

Source-Format: %discnumber%
Guessing Pattern: $num(%discnumber%,2/$num(%totaldiscs%,2)

You can't divide them as separate numbers into separate id3 tags.

The reason is simple: There are no official separate tags for tracks or totaltracks (discs and totaldiscs).
They will always saved combined as n/nn in the TRCK (tracks) and TPOS (discs) tag.


Didn't works

Is there is a way to copy "track" into "total tracks" and apply the format string $num(%track%,2)

How $num(%track%,2) this works in reverse mode (Last 2 digits)

What did not work.
There was a typo in my post, which I corrected: $num instead of %num

Yeah i tried, still not works

Thanks "poster" it works

Converting track for ex: 7/12 to 7_12

Guess values:

Source format: %track%

Guessing pattern: %track%_%totaltracks%