Track numbers mixed/ Cover lost

  1. When I import an Original Cd INTO MP3 TAG- the track numbers jumble from the Original CD-why..?
    (I know I can use Number wizard-but dont want to change cd layout.)

2.When import an Original CD iN mp3tag NO ARTWORK shows up-until I select all-Why..?

All possibly very easy-But not when your new ! :book:

What do you call "Import an original CD"?
As orginal CDs have no mp3-files you can't import them to MP3Tag.

MP3Tag only reads the tags during import. If the tracknumber-tags are not correct you have to correct them (with the help of Mp3Tag).

What do you mean by this?

O.K- Iam new to this-So please bear with me.

After my Ripp using DBPA- i Assumed I can check in mp3tag, artworks correct, track-listing and change anything if I wished. I select all tracks in windows and links me to mp3tag.

I cannot understand why it would juggle tracks on Original cds.

Or not show embeded artwork straight the way...

If you are new, it might be better to get used to the functions first.
The sequence of entries in the files list depends on the sort criteria. If you do not sort by TRACK, other sequences are likely.
Embedded artwork is shown if it is there.
You can create a column for the value "%_covers% to see if there is a cover at all.
You may adapt the tag panel to show artwork. See
Tools>Options>Tag-Panel> Show album art.