Track numbers multi folders

i have a folder and within that folder are 100 folders, some of the folders are compilations of different band songs etc 100 within its own folder, some folders just 10 to 20 songs, anyway
every song in every folder has lost its track number, anyway of not having to go through them all manually and adding track numbers folder by folder...i can scan the folder and all the folders within show up, but highlighting album by album adding track number, saving next album over and mind numbing.

thanks in advance

It depends a lot of whether you want to get the accurate track numbers (back?) or whether you are satisfied with just any set of numbers per folder.

There is the track numbering in assistant in the menu Convert.
If you sort the files by folder so that all files in one folder form a block in the list of files, then you can get individual sets of numbers which reset for each folder - see the corresponding option in the assistant's dialogue.

Sorting the files will lead to a more or less alphabetic order. I wonder if this is the correct one.
If the track number can be seen somewhere in the filenames, you can also import it from there.

i had a go, but had to manually do it, there is no way to do it as i described, but what i did was
open the whole folder of all the album folders..massive list, highlight first track, then use shift key
to highlight the rest of the track in said folder album, then used auto numbering 01 to whatever
was the count for x amount of tracks, it numbered them, then i did the same with all the other albums...very time consuming, but thanks for reply

I doubt that.

There is the shortcut Ctrl-A to select all files.

Didn't you use the option "Reset counter for each folder"?

is it not the same as just auto number

pity you cannot load all the folders highlight and reset them all in one go

Yes, you can.
Just load the top folder and with the default settings, all subfolders will be loaded.
You can tick that option in the open folder dialogue when you select the folder that you want to open.

wow it does work...amazing i spent hours doing it folder by folder, another question
some folders have just the the track number, and not the number in front of the file
how do i get the number from track to be in front of file ie 01. song x etc

For these files try:
Convert>Tag-Tag for _FILENAME (you may have to type this in)
Format string: $num(%track%,2). %_filename%

tried it, but it just put the number in front of title, and not the number in front of file ?

Then show me EXACTLY, preferably with screendumps what you did.
Because: my instructions did not mention anywhere the TITLE. So either we have a basic misunderstanding here or you did not use my idea.

what i did was in tag tag open box i pasted in $num(%track%,2). %_filename% in format string
in the box above that says field it has the word (title) ? i noticed in the drop down you can select what ever but it does not have the word filename so i left it with title ?

That is why I wrote