Track numbers not being seen?

I have a number of albums (one example. Fleetwood Mac's "25 Years, The Chain", all four discs) that have track numbers clearly showing up on my Windows system. And yet when I look at the files in MP3tag, even today's current release, the track numbers do not show.

Some albums are ID 3v2.3 and others 3v2.4, and other albums with the same track information and tag level seem to show track numbers with no problem.

Is this a known issue? Something I can fix by changing the tag version or anything?

Love the program, it has already helped me to clean up a lot of tag information that one cranky media player needs to see the wrong way. Got a ways to come up the learning curve, apparently.(G)

I doubt that: Windows does not read V2.4 tags.

What you could check: What are the MP3tag settings for the tag versions that you read, write and delete (see File>Options>Tags>Mpeg)
You should delete all tag versions read at least V1 and V2.3 but write only V2.3 and if you have to: V1. Leave out APE.
Experiment if you see the missing information if you do not read APE tags.

It could be that you have no track numbers in APE tags but as these overwrite (edit: in the display) all other tag versions, you do not see the information of the other tag versions.

It works better for me to delete all except ID3v2. If I really want to delete ALL tags, I'll temporarily check that option. There have been times when I've been distracted between cut and paste! When I can, I do a copy and paste and avoid a prompt. That would be to convert ISO or UTF-8 to UTF-16 when necessary.

ID3v2.3 (ID3v2.3) UTF-16

is all I normally want to see in my TAG field coded thus:

%_tag_read%[ (%_tag%)] %_id3v2_character_encoding%

What are APE tags and where would they have come from?

As to Windows not reading v.2.4, either that is one of the unmentioned improvements in Win7, or WMP, or I'd have to suspect mptag was reporting the version incorrectly. Win7 and File Explorer and even WMP 12.076, all have quietly been doing better with tags than previous versions did.

But if I knew what APE was or where it was coming from, I could also work on making sure it didn't come up in future.

Well, I do know that .aac files use APE tags, or at least MP3TAG seems to create those with these files.

No, these are MP3, no iTunes, no aac formats, no "Monkey" software to generate APE files. I've seen options to use different ID tag formats before, but never seen or selected "APE".

I can take a perfectly ordinary MP3 file that shows track numbers in WMP and File Explorer, even re-open it and change those in Windows, ask MP3tag to list that file for processing, and in the MP3tag view, the track numbers just aren't there.

And? Have you checked the settings in MP3tag?
You could apply a filter with
%_tag% HAS APE
and see if it shows any results.

Also: what about those V2.4 files? Do they show any tag data in WIndows?

Even MP3Tag can write them, if you configure in File->Options->Tags.
And there is software, that writes Ape-tags per default like mp3gain.

Why do keep on puzzling instead of just checking the way Ohrenkino and Rijkstra told you.

I can assue you, that there is no improvement reading ID3V2.4 tags in Windows 7/8/8.1. My knowledge about Windows 10 is that it can't read them either but I have no practical knowledge.

I just checked: V2.4 is out for windows.
Yet, if you have other tag versions in the files, Windows goes back to these and displays the information.
I interpret that as another indicator that the settings for reading, writing and erasing are not as they should be.

"Out" in that context has two conflicting possible meanings.

  1. Out of consideration.
  2. Out and available.

I'm not sure which you mean.

Thank you for pointing this out: V2.4 tags are not displayed in Windows Explorer or WMP.
And now you can turn to your files and see about the APE tags.

mp3tag is setup up to READ and REMOVE but never to WRITE APE tags.

Also using the filter, no files show as having APE tags.

I did a batch of manual cleanup last night. Tedious but certain. And now I suppose the biggest part of what is left, is to clean up the odd format of some track numbers and then put all the track numbers into a conventional 2-digit format, to make the cranky car readout happy.

I'd like them all to go from 01-09, 10, 11....from 01 to 99, all as two digits, plain and simple.

But I see that some tracks are marked as "22/29" meaning 22nd of 29 tracks, etc. And some (from Dick's Picks) use the Cd number as the leading number of a 3-digit track, i.e. "413" meaning Disc 4, Track 13.

I'd settle for a fairly "safe" means of cleaning everything up, so the track numbers were all just two digit. And then, something a bit harder I think. Since I had already converted some of the tracks into "# - Title" format, and some of those have the odd numbers...I suppose the safest way to clean it all up is to strip any number that precedes a dash (-) in the titles, and then re-number then using the corrected track numbers?

So much to learn...and thank you all for helping out. (Including the author, it didn't take me long to send you a donation!)

Must remember to have more caffeine. Convert>tag->filename>%title%
was all I needed to reset the filenames without fear of funky numbers. (I'm learning!)
and if I scroll back, I think someone already did point out how to clean up the 3-digit track numbers...More caffeine!

I only read APE when it looks like something is missing. They will overwrite ID3 tags.

Have you looked into the autonumbering wizard? It will clean up tracks that are properly sorted. You can strip that DISCNUMBER and enter it manually unless there are enough tracks without DISCNUMBERs to justify writing an action splitting the number.

No, I didn't look into autonumbering. I'd rather make sure the numbering is right, and if it is wrong, not gamble on what a wizard is going to do, when I'm not that familiar with the wizard.

Although I was certain I'd gone through everything and fixed anything that was wrong once before...this is forcing me to review the entire library, at least screen-by-screen, and check for anything irregular.

It is not correct to say that Mp3tag overwrites ID3 tags with APE tags.
APE tags are written to a different location in the file.
ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags are not touched by writing APE tags.

It might be a good idea to always read all 3 types so you are always made aware of any you don't want.

That's true the tags are separate, but Mp3tag reads them into a common GUI. If the file was ever altered by a program that didn't update the APE for any reason, wouldn't the good info in the GUI be overwritten by the unchanged APE? I've actually seen inconsistent APE tags in Winamp which displays them all separately. Does MP3tag ever warn of inconsistencies between the tags it reads?

To get the number padding and remove the "of n" part use an action of the type
Format value for TRACK
Format string: $num(%track%,2)

To get the discnumber use an action of the type
Format value for DISCNUMBER
Format string: $div(%track%,100)

To remove the discnumber from the track number use an action of the type
Format value for TRACK
Format string: $num($mod(%track%,100),2)

As said it is not quite right, because Mp3tag favors a priority system when working with different tag-types, which have been stored within a mp3 file: APE > ID3v2 > ID3v1.
Those three tagtypes may reside "side by side" within a mp3 file, but Mp3tag gives them a priority when reading is turned on.


Thanks for the clarification.
It is better to say:
"It's a good idea to make sure that %_tag% is displayed somewhere, so you are aware of all tag types in a file."
However, ID3v1 is not shown if such a tag exists in a FLAC file.


ID3 tags are only written if that is check-marked in "Options".
Mp3tag does not automatically overwrite ID3 tags with the information in APE tags.
It can be configured to do that, if you want. (read APE, write ID3)
However, ID3 tags won't be displayed unless the option to read APE tags is unchecked.


No - what should be the criteria?
If you look at V1 and V2 tags, they have different standards in respect to names, position and maximum lengths.
I think that a TITLE can only have 30 odd characters in V1 but at least 255 for V2. So where would you rate something as inconsistent?
And this could be the case for most other combinations.