track numbers

Hi, this is my first post and am new to using MP3 Tag. I managed to strip leading track numbers from my file list
but would now like to add them back. I think I must be a bit wooden but have as yet not figured out how to do that.
I have a few hundred files so need to get to at least 3 digits.

Appreciate any help available.

Kind regards

How much data have you got in the tag fields?
Because with this data you could reconstruct filenames e.g. with the function Convert>Tag-Filename.

If you already have the filename, the track#'s & the artist as part of the tag here is what I used "Convert: Tag to file name"

$num(%track%,1). %artist% - %title%

Convert "Tag - Filename" Formatstring: $num(%_counter%,3)'. '%_filename% ... or ... Convert "Tag - Tag" ... or ... Action "Format value" Field ..... : _FILENAME Formatstring: $num(%_counter%,3)'. '%_filename%