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Ok so I'm new to the program and screwed up all the ID3 Tags, so I stripped my some 6,000 mp3's and going through and redoing them all. Now alot of the music I would like to rename once the Mp3 Tags are done. I would like it to be %artist-%track-%title but for some reason on the track it for 75% of them lists it like 1 of 12, and therefore does something like this.


The 112 stands for 1/12 is there anyway to actually just put 01 or 1 like


Any help would be appreciated please and thank you!

Use this mask for the converter tag-filename instead:

Thanks I'll try that still redoing all the ID3 tags haha

If you have to fill the id3 tags but you have the data in the filename then you could import it (given your example filename is correct) with such a mask for the converter filename-tag:

and then you create an action for TRACK of the type Format tag field.
Enter as format string:
This cuts the 12 from the 112 or the 12 from a 212 and so on.
Then you should have the correct data in TRACK.

if you want to import only the track number then modify the mask for the converter as follows:

The preview should guide you.

Well that gave a syntax error and crashed the program trying to rename it the way you suggested.

I got it though %artist%-$num(%track%,2)-%title% is what you were telling me, you just forgot a % Thank you!