TRACK TEMP tag added to flac files by Discogs Web Service

Hi all,

I recently started using MP3Tag to enrich the tags of my flac files ripped by EAC/Flac. I am very happy with the program's flexibility, especially the Tag Sources by means of Web Services.

I used Discogs Web Service to add some tags to my flac files (initial tests) and I noticed that besides the additonal tags that I want (Style, Discogs_Catalog, Discogs_Release_ID, Cover Art) it added a tag called Track Temp. What is this tag for?

I am thinking of deleting it, but since the idea is to tag my whole collection, how can I prevent it from adding it in the first place?

Thanks for your help.

Which of the Discogs Web Sources did you use?

I used mainly 2 options of the Discogs Web Service:

  • Search by Album
  • Release ID

Web Service files downloaded from here: /t/1681/1

I have added Track Temp to store additional track information from discogs (i.e. for multi disc or vinyl releases) which you might want to put in the normal track or discnumber field.
Of course you can delete the code from the script if you don't want it.


First of all, thanks for your script, it helps a lot.

Can you help me understand the concept behind TRACK TEMP? What can I used it for exactly? You mention multi disc or vinyl releases; how would I use TRACK TEMP in those cases?

If not needed in my case (depending on your answer to the above question), I will follow your suggestion to delete the code, however I am not sure if I will be succesful; I am by no means an expert on these scripts. I guess I just have to delete the code below "# Track Temp" wherever it show up, isn't it?


In addition to the questions above, I have another one:

After applying the Tags (as described above), the TrackNumber changes from a two-digit number to a one-digit number (for numbers from 0 to 9 of course). How can I prevent this and leave the Track Numbers as they are (in my case 01, 02, 03, etc.).

Your reply to the above and this question is appreciated.

Can someone help me here? Or point me towards the right direction?



Iirc that's the standard behaviour of Discogs Scripts. I always launch the Autonumbering Wizard CTRL+K afterwards

@track temp

there are some other Discogs Scripts that store these additionalinformations in particular tags but they are a little bit outdated, so you have to customise them (Album Tag).

Thanks Andy!

I was not aware of that autonumbering wizard; I gave it a try and it takes care of the numbering issue I had, even with total count if desired. Cool!

As far as TRACK TEMP, at this point I guess I will try to delete it from the script by hand as suggested by DANO. I just wanted to understand its usage and if by deleting it I would be loosing valuable metadata that I was not aware of. If someone can explain its usage, it will be appreciated.

It's not difficult. You have to do a Copy&Paste.

Copy the information you want from Track Temp and paste it in the additional tag you want (you have to create it).

But maybe you want to use these scripts with additional informations:

The original: /t/4346/1

The customized: Discogs everything
I use the New *ext4-original.src files, cause the ext5-files often have no results,I don't know why.

I have customized the artist and release script to fit them to the new Discogs query:

Very very seldom you have to adjust the Album manually (delete additional info).

Edit: I also put in the Releasetime for exact date (eg 09 Jun 2003)

discogs_ext4_01_artist_ext4_original.src (11.3 KB)

discogs_ext4_02_release_ext4_original.src (11.1 KB)