Track title is including song writer

I've recently been cleaning up some older MP3 collections of mine and have encountered a few instances where after I use the details lookup, the track title fields also have the songwriter names appended.

An example of this is the following album:

Artist: The Cure
Album: Mixed Up (1990)
Amazon link -

The track titles ended up like this:

Lullaby [Extended Mix] - The Cure, Gallup, Simon
Close to Me [Closer Mix] - The Cure, Smith, Robert [Cure
Fascination Street [Extended Mix] - The Cure, Gallup, Simon

Any ideas why? I've never seen this in the years I've been using mp3tag before. Am using mp3tag v2.46a

That's what Amazon returns through their API. No clue why...

That is a problem for me as well. Could someone tell me how I could delete the writer info from the title after I use tag - filename?