I noticed a number of my downloaded podcasts have track stored in a TRACK field instead of the customary TRCK. Is there a way set up a column to view these entries?


It is actually the other way round: TRACK is the standard field name in MP3tag.
The internal name is TRCK
See for the proper field names.
Check the extended tags which name is used in those files.
It should be that the track number is stored in the field TRCK which appears as TRACK in MP3tag.

Yes I'm quite familiar with
If you open the mp3 with notepad++ the track field is almost always TRCK
My question refers to podcasts where the ID3 tag is viewed in Notepad++

Typically you would expect to see TXXX followed by another name, but not in these podcasts.

So my original question stands: can I view these TRACK ID3's as a column in Mp3tag


As I said: have a look at the extended tags and see what that field is called.

Then create a column that has the fieldname enclosed in % (e.g. %trck%) as value and as field.

Some more information ... this Track tag is at the end of the .mp3 as part of a group of tags all probably not read by Mp3Tag ... attached is the excerpt from the end of one of these mp3 files showing the structure of these tags.Attachment 6659 not found.

TrackExample.txt (1.09 KB)

Your example text shows an appended APE tag and an additional appended ID3v1 Tag.
You can set Mp3tag to read and write APE tags (see Mp3tag/Extras/Options/Tags/Mpeg), ...
but you should get rid of APE tags at all.


That did it. Thanks.
My intention was to get rid of them, but I needed to be able to see them first.

Whoops! I responded too quickly.
How do you actually get rid of them. I have remove APE checked in both MPEG and APE, Mpc... and yet they keep coming back.
The other issue is of course I just wanted to see if there was any valuable information in these tags so I could copy them to the ID3 tags ... yet saving changes when APE Read is checked wipes out the ID3 tags.

Any procedural insights you can share?



To be safe you should remove each tag type separately in one step by "Mp3tag/Edit/Remove".

In Mp3tag column view do set up a column ...
Name: Tagread (Tagtypes)
Value: %_tag_read%[' ('%_tag%')']
This helps to see which tagtypes exist and which tagtype actually has been read.

You can read ID3v1 and overwrite ID3v2.x content.
You can read APEv2 and overwrite ID3v2.x content.
You can export ID3v1 or APEv2 tag field content into text file and import external text content into other tagtype and tagfields of your liking.

Mp3tag supports a priority system APE>ID3v2>ID3v1.
When APE is set to be read, then it is possible, that an empty tag APE can hide a filled tag ID3v2 or tag ID3v1.

See also ...


The Tagread (Tagtypes) column is pretty neat. Thanks.

For those reading this thread in the future here are the steps that worked for me.

  • In Tools » Options » Tags » MPEG I check Read APE then sort by the Tagread (Tagtypes) column
  • If there are any APE entries and tags I want to keep I do an export to a text file (not too often)

    you only have to look at tags in podcasts where the Tagread (Tagtypes) column shows APE

  • In Tools » Options » Tags » MPEG I unchecked Write & Remove ID3v1 and ID3v2
  • I then did a right-click remove tag (all tags) for the APE episodes. This only removes the APE tags
  • In Tools » Options » Tags » MPEG re-check Write & Remove ID3v1 and ID3v2

Great support community. Thanks all.