Tracknumber and File Directory Issues

I have .mp3 files with album basis. These have decimal number in %track% fields but have no information how many tracks in a album. But I have all songs in a album. I want to modify it into %track%/total number of tracks in a disc like an iTunes library.

e.g. 5 ---> 5/13

Same modification in %discnumber% has to be done but there a case with no tag in %discnumber%. So I want to replace 1 instead of

And last, I want to move files automatically with following structure.
%albumartist% (not %artist%) \ %Album% \ %disknumber% (in case of more than 2 discs. if not, omit)

Please give this noob a help.

To get the total number of tracks for a disc, see the numbering wizard and its options.
The DISCNUMBER has to be counted by you and inserted manually. You can filter for tracks that have not yet filled DISCNUMBER with
discnumber MISSING
If you want to leave the discnumber out if there is only one disc then do not fill DISCNUMBER
To rename the files, use the Convert>Tag-Filename function if you have not yet the correct number of folders. Use at least part of the folder structure to move files from one folder to many others.

If the files are already grouped in folders only the folders have not yet the correct name, use an action of the type "Format value" for _DIRECTORY. Enter the mask as you wrote but use a fully qualified path name including drive letter, e.g.
To get the optional part with the discnumber, use this mask: