Tracknumbers with following space after import

Hi there!

I recently stumbled upon the same error and I found out Mp3tag (at least the macOS-version) not only adds 0 before single-digit numbers but also a space after the track numbers. That is what caused my import to fail the correct song-order.

Usually I create the mp4-files that have a format like this:

04 - artist - track

Then I use Mp3tag's feature to import tags from file names. This is when the tag for track is actually created like "04_" with the _ being a space added after the track-number.

If you could fix this issue, this would be great – and thanks for the best tagging-software out there!
Best regards and everyone have some great holidays!

How are you getting the tags from the filename? That is where you are probably getting the space from. Can you show an example of your converter to get these?

My string looks like this:

%track% - %ARTIST% - %title%

But I found my own error in this: I was missing the space between track and ARTIST because these fields are display with a wide blue background in macOS and I thought there was a space after the track and before the -.

When you forget the space before -, Mp3tag will add a space after the track number for mysterious reasons.
If you add the space correctly before and after the - then Mp3tag will correctly place the text within the ID-tags. In conclusion, my own fault. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Best regards

This is what I suspected.

No mystery, mp3tag will use the literal conversion of what you ask. Without specifying the space dash space “ - “ as a separator, that character was kept as-is and put into the track field.

Great that you were able to find this and fix moving forward.