Hey volks!
I am using mp3tag very often, but I've still got a problem.
When I am building the filename from the idtag, the tracknumber has got only one-digit. This causes the explorer to sort tracks like this:
and so on

So I use Rentager to make the tracknumber two-digit!
I there a possibility to let mp3tag do this for me, while renaming my files by tag-information?

Keep on tagging and have a nice day


If you write in english why not post in the english section?
And the answer to your problem is: $num("%track%",2) instead of only %track%
See mp3tag help for further descriptions of scripting functions.

Hmmm, i have searched in the forum for a while and looked in the helpfile, but i don´t find the right answer.

  1. How do i set the default format string for %track%
  2. How do i replace a single digit into one with a leading zero? If i use your string above in the actions, it is formatted to "00", deleting the origin value of the field.

That's a really old thread with outdated information.

Read here for example: /t/4112/1