Tracks being skipped over

I've searched and havent found anything---I'm hoping I'm not wasting your time....

Goal: Change file names based on tags
Action: Used Tag>File Name Converter

Current Condition:

Files won't play on ipod, itunes, Mediamonkey (alone). They come up but skip to the next file.
Files WILL play when I select play in Mp3tag v2.48 - which ultimatly plays the file in Mediamonkey.
I checked a samaple of files using MP3val and they came up OK.

Thanks in advance for your input and suggestions

If you have changed the filename, maybe your players haven't updated their libraries and search for the old filename.
If you have the old filename in a playlist, it's the same thing. The old filename is stored, it will show up in the playlist, but will be skiped when they should play.

-> rescan your folders for the media library (should be done on program start at most players) or rewrite your playlists.

so---the old file names are showig up on media monkey---so the above makes sense.
If I'm understanding correctly mp3tag was able to change the file names but that didnt push to the device.

But when I go to windows explorer---or mediamonkey for that matter---there is no "music" folder under the F drive (ipod). So explorer isnt finding anything. meanwhile I know the files are on there.

What am I missing?

Did you rewrite the filename on your ipod?
Then the problem is clear. The ipod is not designed to allow any other aplication than iTunes access to its files. But there are some workarounds.
In any case you will have to move the files from your ipod and add them with iTunes as new files afterward.

They are in a hidden folder. Go to the Windows folder options and enable "show hidden files and folders". Then you can see them on your f drive and move them to your computer.

Or, as you have loaded them already into Mp3Tag move the to your C: drive with the Tag - Filename Converter. Formatstring (example):
C:\iPod Music\%artist% - %album%\%track% - %title%
But when you can't find the files with itunes, you will not be able to load them into Mp3Tag again, right?

After moving the files to your computer, you will have to clear the ipod with itunes or delete all files on the ipod with itunes (which are not there anyway), to avoid double entries afterward.

I appreciate your help

Can you explain "rewrite to your ipod" a bit more?
How is that done?

I was able to find the hidden folders...I tried to copy them to my C drive--which worked--but they are hidden folders as well. This makes them difficult to work with---is there anyway to get them to the C drive w/ out the hidden attribute?

Thanks again for the help!

I had a similar problem on a 3rd generation ipod a few years ago, so I can remember only roughly how I solved it.

When you have them all on your C drive now, you must remove them somehow from your ipod. With itunes, Windows Explorer or Mp3Tag (shift+del), there should be ways. Best thing would with itunes, because that would clear the itunes (& ipod) library as well.
Anyway, you have to get the itunes library to the point that it shows you there are no songs anymore on the ipod (or at least none of these with changed filenames, you can keep the others, but it mabe difficult to differentiate).

I did not say "rewrite to your ipod". I sayed "add them with iTunes " which means add them as new songs on the normal way you do that.

Yep---mine is a 3rd gen.


Copy hidden folders from device to PC
View hidden folders in destination
Test playbility
Now that youre essentiall backed up...wipe the device
Move tracks (not folders) to a new folder on the PC
Sync from there

Be sure to test track playability at all steps

Lesson learned = don't edit tags w the file source being the device itself (probably should have known that)

Thanks for all the help!