Tracks on Zen Vision M playing in alphabetical order

Just got a refurb Creative Zen Vision M, and put about 85 albums that I've ripped with EAC on the player, and when I go to Artist/Album, and select an album, the tracks are displayed in alphabetical order, and will play in alphabetical order as well. My wife has the same player, and her music has been ripped with Creative Media Explorer, and she doesn't have this problem. So, I took an album that I ripped with EAC, put it on her player, and it's the same thing......tracks are displayed and will play in alphabetical order, so it's not my player. The tracks are all numbered, so I'm wondering If I screwed something up with the settings in EAC when I ripped them or ??? I can't see how, but something is wrong with my mp3's. Now I wonder if it's something with how they are tagged, but I just don't know. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

You might want to compare the tracks in Mp3tag with "View > Extended Tags" maybe you can spot a difference.

I posted about it on the EAC forum, and I was told, based on some screen shots I posted, that I had LAME and EAC both tagging the file. Totally over my head, and nothing I had intentionally done......just my not being real saavy yet with that program. The weird part is if I put all the mp3's on my Zen via Creative Media Explorer rather than drag and drop, they all play in their proper order. I can't figure that one out.