Tracks will not load - MAC

Running the download Mac program on el capitan.

Tracks were loading this time last week, now they will not load.

C - users - xxxx - music - folder

Any ideas people

(its my first post, go easy!!)

How do you know that they don't load? Do you get a crash or other messages?

Please also check the statusbar at the bottom and see how many tracks are loaded and how many are displayed. If one of the numbers is other than "0" then it could be that you have applied (unvoluntarily) a filter: press F3 (repeatedly) and see if that makes a difference.

In general: you know what is different in comparison to last week, so try to undo that.

Hi thanks for your quick reply.

No crash or other messages.

Status bar shows nothing and no filters set

Same source folder as last week.

It won't even show the location on the directory

If you expect to see files (and not only folders) if you select the "Change folder" function then you are the victim of the new system dialogue: Windows does not show files, if you select whole folders.
Is this, what bothers you?

Absolutely nothing will load. Am I finding my files in the correct location?

Honestly, I don't know as I do not know what you mean by "correct location".
On a MAC you probably use a Windows emulation. So the files have to be visible from this emulation.
Also, the file names and folder names have to comply with the WIndows naming standards (e.g. : in the middle of a filename is not valid).
And the files have to be of a supported type. E.g. wav-files will not be loaded.