Tracks with 3 digit format: 001

I would like all my ytracks to have the format 001,002,003...., but when in the track numbering assistant I ask it to start with track number 001, MP3 Tag automatically makes it a 2 digit track: 01,02,03...
Could anybody assist?

Thank you

After you have used the track numbering assistant apply the function
Convert>Tag-Tag for the field TRACK
Format string: $num(%track%,3)

Please note that Windows interprets 3-digit-numbers as octal values. So most likely Windows will show track 8 and 10 as 8, 9and 11 as 9, 12 as10, 13 as 11 and so on.

Also a look at the help would have helped
Pad decimal number with leading zeros

Command: $num(x,y)
Example: $num(%track%,3)
This example returns the track number with three digits.