Traktor Catalog Number

I use MP3TAG to manage all my collection and tag it. I'm facing an issue (probably because of Traktor), when importing my collection to Traktor software.

The catalog no column of Traktor is empty while my catalog ID tag are set.

I tried to create a catalognumber, catalogno, catalog# tag but nothing seems to be read.

Am I the only one facing this ?


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The easiest way is to enter data in Traktor, make sure the data is actually saved in the file's metadata, then look at the file in MP3tag and the extended tags dialogue. There you find the field name.
Then use in MP3tag this field name to see the data in traktor.

The thing is this specific metadata is not written in the file unlike others which are working.

Have you seen the data in any other file?
If so: what do these files show in the extended tags dialogue?
If Traktor refuses to write that data and somehow also does not read it from tags, I would assume that this has nothing to do with tagging but with the internal functions of Traktor.

I have the same issue. Traktor write all fields and I can see them in mp3tag. But I cannot find the field Catalog No in mp3tag. I suppose it must be another name or, maybe, there is a way to write a field manually. I don't know...

I have realized today that Label in Traktor is Publisher in mp3tag :wink:

I have been testing with some files and I have a solution: create a new field with value CATALOG NUMBER. It works for me. I have checked with mp3 files prewritten in Traktor and now mp3tag read the field and its value.

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