Traktor overwrites iTunes pix- can Mp3tag help?


When you use Traktor DJ's "Write extended data to MP3 tag" option, Traktor saves all its proprietary info ("stripes," cue points, etc.) into custom ID3 tags. So far, so good. Trouble is, if your MP3 has iTunes cover art, this process wipes out the cover art. Interestingly, if you add cover art afterward -- a second time -- it will display properly.

My question is: Is there any way to use Mp3tag to somehow pre-process my MP3 tags such that Traktor won't wipe out my cover art? My theory is that both iTunes cover art, and Traktor extended info are proprietary, custom tags, and it might be possible to renumber or rearrange them such that Traktor doesn't destroy iTunes cover art.

I figure if anyone knows, it should be the Mp3tag crew :wink:


You can either use iTunes or Mp3tag and convert the ID3v2.2 tag to ID3v2.3 before you import it in Traktor.

It seems Traktor does not properly transfer the picture frame from 2.2 to 2.3


Looks like that works -- thanks very much!