Transfer Itunes Rating to files

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I registered only for that question. Have you even thought about creating a rating tag that can be compatible with Itunes under Pc or mac ?

I can ensure you, that would be very usefull or have I missed something ?

Thank you for your further answer !


I think that this is an iTunes problem:
iTunes does not read rating fields.
iTunes does not write rating fields.
Regardless whether they are there or not. iTunes stores the ratings in the local itunes database.

Hi @ohrenkino I've been reading up on this for a few minutes and you keep popping up as the authority on ratings and the popularimeter. Seems all the apps are trying to use this data to keep users on their platform.

Is there a method to transfer this data from the database to the tracks? If not, and I have to do it manually, would I have to then set up individual pop fields formatted for each app I want the rating to appear in? How do people approach this?

I'm basically trying to get 20 years of metadata out of iTunes, and organise the chaos that is my Collection folder. Like many other users here I'm sure. I'm primarily interested in retaining the ratings I've added over the years, and the playlists I've created, everything else seems quite straight forward.

Any advice on how to streamline the task would be appreciated. I'm looking at moving to MusicBee at the moment, but ideally I'd like my collection to be platform-independent.


The only way I see:
Create an automatic playlist for each rating separately.
Open it and drag&drop the files with one rating into MP3tag and set the field POPULARIMETER with the corresponding value there.
Do so for the next rating.
You would have to repeat that procedure for each rating (would that be 5 times?) - but like that you don't loose your work.

This does not solve the problem of transferring ratings to other players as they may not read the field POPULARIMETER.
But even for them, the procedure could work the other way round:
You filter for the files with a particular rating in MP3tag,
create a playlist,
open that playlist in the player
assign the rating in the player.

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This is the best method to create a rating tag in your metadata from iTunes using mp3tag. You can do the same with another Smart playlist for the “Love” :heart: rating as well, but I don’t believe there is a corresponding POPULARIMETER rating for it. You may need to come with an alternative field or perhaps add it to the comment.

I use both iTunes and MusicBee now. With a few family members on iOS devices and even AppleTV boxes in the house, it is a necessary requirement. Just make sure you uncheck the relevant options to keep iTunes or MB from making any automatic and unwanted changes. But both players are pointed at the same library and have no issues with accessing the data.

Makes sense. The collection isn't organised how I would like it to be yet, I can separate the rated tracks, apply the tags, then address categorisation by album etc.later. No double handling.

When I need to convert those ratings for new platforms I'll go here and bug florian :grin: ://

Never used Love on iTunes, but I spotted
Love Rating: L
in the extended tags after testing it in MusicBee

Looking forward to checking out the SoundCloud integration.

The format for the POPULARIMETER field has been fiexed - only different players like different parts to recognize the rating as theirs.
IN MP3tag you can create more or less any format - just look at the raw data:
Options>Tags>Enhanced>Always use POPULARIMETER
which avoids the translation and masking of the real data.

Ok. Thanks for your help!