Transfer settings to new PC

Hi all,
I'm just setting up my new pc and was wondering what is the easiest way for me to transfer my mp3tag actions and filename rules from and old PC to a new PC?

I just copy C:\Documents and Settings\Chris\Application Data\Mp3tag* .

thanks chrisjj I'll give it a try. if that works you just saved me a ton of time.

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Menu "File > Save configuration..." is also possible

Oh yes - even better.

Cool - I went with the other option from an old XP machine to a new Vista PC and it worked fine. Only thing to watch out for is that Vista uses another directory for the mp3tag settings.

Great forum here. It's rare I have questions regarding mp3tag but I've alsmost always gotten really good help here.

thanks both!

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Transferring to new Win11 PC with v3.18 from Win10 with v3.18

Actions and Genres have copied over but

  1. The non-user-defined Genres still show despite "Show only user-defined genres" checkbox being checked
  2. The Tag-Filename, etc tag buttons have not gotten any of my laboriously crafted format strings

Here is the documentation of what to do for backup and installation:

and also see the notes on migration:

The transfer instructions are what I followed. It didn't work per my description.

The migration notes are impossible to follow but don't appear to be relevant to my situation

You need the old mp3tag.cfg file.

Yes. Which was copied over in the same action as the other files.

Could you please follow the

and tell us in 1 go what you did, what you already tried to solve the problem and what the reaction after each step was.
Also, I would check whether the folder to which you copied the mp3tag.cfg file is actually the configuration folder.

I responded to DanO, because I had followed the File > Save configuration.. option, which is the same as the instructions:

Backup and Restore Configuration

To backup your configuration settings, please choose File → Save configuration.

To restore the backup, unzip the backup archive to the folder that opens when you choose File → Open configuration folder. Close Mp3tag before copying any files to ensure that all files can be written.

This is exactly what I did. This is not the first time I have transferred Mp3tag to another computer. THis is the first time it has failed (in part).

I have described what failed in my initial post. If I had not copied to the correct directory, (C:\Users\mike_\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag) nothing would have worked. The .cfg file there now is the same one as on the source computer.

... and does this file get modified if you do something in MP3tag? The modification date should change.